Trade Offered to Me - My Kamara/Murray for Their ___

10 Man Dynasty first year from Keeper… 1/2 PPR, 4pt TD(QB) Single Flex

Trade has been offered to me to give up Kamara/Latavius for Aaron Jones/AJ Green..

I need more for this but need help strategizing a trade package. Give me some options! Team comps are below for the most part… left out a few unimportant(trade irrelevant) pieces

I’m thinking Jones/JuJu for Kamara/Latavius… Or should I shoot for Keenan? He’s been going for this trade for a minute…

My Team:
K Murray, J Allen, N Foles
Kamara(+ L Murray), Chubb, Gurley(+M Brown), Cohen,
Godwin, Golladay, Hilton, Jeffery, J Gordon, McLaurin, Dorsett
Kittle, Jonnu Smith

He Has:

QB- R Wilson, Baker, Kyle Allen
RB - Cook, A Jones, Ajayi, Conner, Bonnafon, AJ Brown, AJ Green, N Harry, Tre’quan Smith
WR - JuJu, Julio, Keenan Allen, Crowder,
Hooper, Herndon

If I’m trading Kamara he has to include Cook, JuJu or someone of that caliber. Aaron Jones + anything valued lower, even if several assets won’t be enough imo.

If he’s set on acquiring Kamara, see if he’d be willing to move Cook+ or JuJu+ for him. If not try to trade Gurley+Brown instead. I’d trade Gurley+Brown for Aaron Jones 2 for 1. Your roster is fine where it is tbh, you don’t really have a reason to make a trade. Gurley is the main player I’d be trying to trade if I were you, maybe Josh Gordon or sell high on Jonnu before Delanie comes back

This is where I’ve landed so it’s great to get confirmation… Thanks!!