Trade offered to me today

I have Michael Thomas, Tyree hill, maclin. Keenan Allen in bye. Rbs are gurly, Martin, Demarco, hyde and collins. Half ppr and I’m 3-5 so I can’t lose. Do I trade Murray who I don’t trust for devin Funchess?
Hill is on bye next week

How many at each position can you start?

2 rb 3wr and flex

Id try to package Hill and Murray/Hyde for an Elite WR if you can

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Then I would be playing Maclin this week.

Tyreke Hill and Hyde for Baldwin? I feel like I’m getting ripped off

Do not do that trade ^ I think you have to hold on to Murray

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Def don’t do that trade even with 4 rbs I cant play all of them and I can’t affors a loss? Tyreke hill on bye after this so it does make a bit of sense

Tyreek is the number 3 wr on the year, extremely boom/bust but if you’re trading him you won’t get value in return. He’s scored virtually the same points as Evans this year but you won’t be able to trade straight up for him.


You have 3 solid WRs and a decent WR2 in Maclin. I don’t think you can depend on Hyde rest of season and Collins could be in for even more of a timeshare than he already is when Woodhead comes back soon. You aren’t getting value in return if you trade Tyreek. I know he is boom or bust, but he’s head and shoulders above Funchess. Overall, hold on to Murray. Trade Hyde if you are going to trade any one and do not trade Tyreek unless you are getting an ELITE WR in return.

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So you would hold onto hyde and start Maclin? Instead of moving Hyde for Funchess?

For this week, I think you start Gurley and Martin at RB, Thomas, Tyreek and Maclin at WR and put Murray in your flex.