Trade offered to me what u Aaron Jones for his Deandre Hopkins

Straight trade. Full PPR 10 man league. My team:
QB: Kyler Murray
RBs: Aaron Jones, Mixon, Coleman, Breida, D Montgomery
WRs: Davante Adams (injured), John Brown, Boyd, Diggs
TE: H Henry

Think i would get too thin at RB specially with Mixon being a completely bust this season, but hell is NUK!!! I really need your help footclan! What are your thoughts??

I would definitely like to get Hopkins in this, but you literally will have no one else at RB lol so I say no in your situation

Yea my current RB situation is already thin and scary, thats the thing holding me back…maybe if somehow i manage another parallel trade giving away a WR and getting a mid-strong RB back

I’d hold onto Jones

If you could turn Breida and brown into someone like Mack or Carson I might consider it, but ultimately you’re still really thin at RB. But otherwise no I would keep jones in your situation.

If you do go forward with the trade, then your best bet might be to try and trade Adams for someone good. Maybe fournette…

Ultimately I feel like this trade is hurting your team tbh. I would instead consider selling low on Adams for another rb and another wr2 type player, and keeping jones

You´re very right…maybe trading Adams for an RB1 may be the best option, i mean to really bolster and making a change…Fournette is a great option actually, only problem is im going against the guy who owns him this week lol