Trade offered to me (which would you choose)?

So I’m trading away Tannehill, (I have Wilson & Lance for later on), & the guy is going to give me my choice of Tim Patrick or Bryan Edwards. I need the depth piece. Which one would you choose out of the two?

Is this a single QB league? Roster size? Need a bit more information. I’d prefer Tim Patrick, but Tannehill should still be better than a streaming QB and both those players are waiver wire adds - I would think that there would be similar players available on the wire unless this is a very deep league, and so I would hope to get something a bit better than that for Tannehill. He’s also coming off a poor game, so it might be worth waiting to see if he can have a good week before a trade.

single qb, re draft. I have Wilson & Trey Lance. Also can probably can give Tannehill & Mooney for Corey Davis. We run 2 flex with 2 rb & wrs. Mooney is my second flex. Lost edwards & Samuel, so my depth is depleted at the moment.

I’d much prefer an upgrade trade like that to get Corey Davis as opposed to just Tannehill for Tim Patrick. If you can’t, I’d still hold out another week to see if Tannehill has a good game and regains some value.

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