Trade offered... want opinion

I was offered Mike Evans, Jordan Howard, and Raheem Mostert and in return need to give up Jamison Crowder and Alvin Kamara. Our league rules are PPR with one nuance: receivers only get 1 point per 20 yards whereas rushing is normal 1 point per 10 yards. I stated it out using the Footballers projections and would win the trade, but that doesn’t include having to drop a player from my current team.

My gut reaction is to stick to Kamara, as Ezekiel is my other RB (Auction style) and I went all in on two monster backs to carry my season. However, part of me thinks the Footballers are undervaluing Raheem Mostert and his potential for a great season. Anyway, let me know thoughts!

Keep Kamara. Howard and Mostert are backend RB2’s at best (both in timeshares too) and Crowder going rack up easy receptions won’t be as big of gap from Evans as you may think.

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Def keeping Kamara.