Trade offered with Gronk

Hi footballers,

I was offered Gronk, Julio, Royce Freeman FOR Evan Engram, Keenan Allen, Lesean Mccoy.

Should I take it?

This is a no brainer for me. Potentially upgrade at every position.

Gronk/Julio side ALL DAY

YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. Accept that trade right this second. Each of the incoming players is an upgrade with the exception of maybe, MAYBE, Royce Freeman, but cutting ties with Shady this year isn’t the end of the world. Take advantage of the extremely cheap price on Gronk

He cancelled it. What about Gronk and Freeman for McCoy and Engram?

Hell yes! You are receiving the Gronk group? That is an amazing trade in your favor if so. Do it as fast as you possibly can.

I would still do this yes. Royce I am assuming? Either way getting gronk is worth it

Hell yes

Hell yes.