Trade Offers for CPatt

10 Team PPR
Received 2 offers for C. Patterson, thoughts on both? (Roster Below Offers)

RB C. Patterson ATL

WR O. Beckham Jr CLE

  • OR -

WR M. Thomas NO

Q - Hurts
R - E. Elliott, N. Harris, A. Gibson, T. Pollard, M. Gordon III, B. Bolden, A. Collins, C Patterson
W - K. Allen, C. Kupp, C. Davis, J. Meyers, J. Crowder, W. Fuller (IR), J. Jeudy (IR)
T - D. Waller

I would personally decline both of those. OBJ cant be trusted at this point and the way the saints look I am not sure what to think about Thomas when he comes back. c Patt seems to be locked in to a safe guy to have for bye weeks coming up

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I have Pat and I wouldn’t trade him for either of those. I would be looking to package Pat and a piece for maybe another WR like an offer of Patterson and Davis for Jefferson or even shoot higher. Patterson seems locked in for 5-8 carries and 5-7 catches a game right now

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