Trade Offers for Howard

Hey footclan I had a few offers for Howard and wanting you to grade them.

Current Roster:
QB: McCown
RB: Freeman, Howard, Kamara, Cohen, Mack and Breida
WR: AJ Green, Keenan Allen, Amendola, Fowler, and Doctson
TE: Brate

First: Give Howard and Green for Zeke and Adams (think not worth the risk for zeke and downgrade of adams)
Second: Give Howard and Brate for Brady, Kelce, Rob Kelley, and Funchess
Third: Give Howard for Kirk Cousins and Will Fuller

Do I take any of those trades? If so what one would you take?

  1. Agree, Zeke could still be suspended, which makes me worried. I think basically all of the GB WRs value were cut in half when Rodgers was injured. No for me on this

  2. This one is kind of a messy trade, but it’s basically Howard for Brady, Fat Rob, Funchess. Brady is nice, but the other two are just depth pieces. It always amazes me trades people send thinking its good value if all the points add up to that one players output…No I wouldn’t do this trade either

  3. No

Howard’s perceived value is lower than his actual vallue right now. He’s a workhorse and they’re using him like one. He will move towards his mean, which means that he is due for some big weeks. He’s still a low end-RB1 despite recent performances.

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