Trade Offers for Leonard Fournette

Hi Footclan…

I’ve received two offers for Leonard Fournette and Yeldon in my Full PPR dynasty league. (1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1 FLEX, 1DEF, 1 K)

First offer:

Jordan Howard, Rex Burkhead and Enunwa or Alex Smith.

Second offer:

Royce Freeman, Devontae Booker, Peyton Barber and Christian Kirk.

This was a team I took over that I’ve been rebuilding little by little. My current RB’s are:

Leonard Fournette
Lamar Miller
Sony Michel
Nick Chubb
T.J Yeldon
Jonathan Steward
John Kelly

Bumping up the thread.

I don’t think either trade is worth it. There are two ways to look at it, this year and dynasty value.
Current ranks:
Fournette 8.

Howard 17
Burkhead 31
Enunwa or Smith not worth your time and are added to make you think getting a 3rd player is now a lopsided trade in your favor.

Freeman 20
Booker 46
Barber and Kirk are barely even ranked on the board.

So for current year value, you are giving up a RB1 to get back a potential RB2 and maybe flex players. You could get a much bigger haul for Fournette.

For Dynasty trade value (found on fantasy pro’s)
Fournette: 59

Howard: 34
Burkhead: 18

Freeman: 31
Booker: 10

Again, the value isn’t there. They should come a lot stronger to get a young RB1 from you.


Both trades arent worth your while, especially with no picks involved. The 2nd is the better of the two and if you can get a 1st round pick along with Freeman and Kirk for just Fournette, that may be something to look into. Youre adding alot of future value but you are loosing a long term RB1

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I agree, dont think either trade is good. You know how Andy is with trades, if you can package and get thr stud then youre golden. They have to give you a glear cut all down back or soemthing over the top. And none of thise proposals are even close in my opinion

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I would not take either as stated. Are they both offers from the same team? If so, I would be intrigued with Howard and Freeman paired together. Looking at your RBs, I am not sold on Miller moving forward, but i do like Chubb and Michel. Stewart is not really viable moving forward and Kelly is awesome but buried :confused:

While Fournette is a solid guy, I think you would be moving a team’s backfield for (likely) the RB1 on two different teams. I think that would be interesting as you will likely not get much out of Yeldon and I am not sure I would ever play both JAX RBs in the same week.

I am not saying I would take it, but it is interesting to consider giving the RB1 from a team and acquiring potentially two teams RB1 in exchange. I think Howard is not impressive, but he feels stable in usage. That helps. Freeman should own his backfield in short order. Chubb likely will and I think Michel has a great chance. While you are giving potentially the ‘best’ piece, that return is not horrible. I would skip the other players (except maybe A Smith if you need QB help) and get early picks the next two seasons: 2019 1st & 2020 2nd?

Just thinking about the trade. I love trades and think that they are not always won on the surface. Again, not saying you should, but thinking through how it might work. I hope this gives you some angles to think about and that something here helps.

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