Trade offers from Michael Thomas owner

I was offered his Michael Thomas and Tarik Cohen for my DJ and Sanders

His second offer was his Thomas alone for my Hyde Sanders and swap waiver pick (I’m first waiver and he’s 7th, I’d probably move up to 4 or 5 after this weeks claims)

My roster of RBs and WRs are
RB: Kamara, DJ, Sony Michel, Hyde, Howard, L. Miller, Ekeler
WR: Diggs, Sanders, Keelan Cole

I’m leaning more of the second offer because DJ has standalone value that I can capitalize on and I don’t know if hyde will be this solid all season long. The only thing I’m having trouble with is that I got sanders at such good value and I feel like he will continue to be a top 15 WR at the end of the season. Am I becoming a victim of overvaluing my players? Should I take the second deal and not think twice?
Second deal also doesn’t include Cohen which as a Howard owner, kinda sucks. He said first trade was the only way he was giving up Cohen.

10 man league full PPR

What does he need exactly out of this trade? Trying to figure out how you can keep both DJ and Sanders.Otherwise, taking the second offer is still great for you. Sounds like you could sweeten it though, potentially.

Can you do Hyde + Cole maybe? I mean this is all crazy that he’s even offering. This is nowhere near MT’s value.

I would take the second offer. Seems like this guy is selling super low on MT after 2 low weeks. The mans a stud and a target hog. He was dominating this game until game got totally out of hand and there was no need to pass anymore. Not to mention skins allowed a couple broken plays. Buy low on MT while you still can.

Don’t get greedy man. When someone offers you a great deal, just take it. No point in pushing pennies to risk him rethinking things and taking it away.

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This is his team

no way he’d go for that haha

Lol @MikeMeUpp is right. You should just take #2 and not get greedy like I suggested.

Esp bc once they see you expressing interest/anchoring on something, you lose leverage and they may even think twice about what they’re giving up to you.

I’d take that second offer and not mess with it as @MikeMeUpp said

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Seeing as you’re a sanders truther as well, this backs my thinking up. Should I make a push to get Cohen from him though or he is he not really worth acquiring?
Howard owner here incase you didn’t see in the OP

And as a current MT owner, trust me, it feels good to be able to roll him out every week with complete confidence/zero anticipation of regret.

No. I don’t really care much for Cohen. I don’t own him anywhere and don’t feel bad about it. You definitely don’t want both Howard and Cohen. You’re never starting both.

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If anything, after you do this Hyde trade, you may end up being able to send Howard to the same team for something else you need, if they happen to have it on par with the high value you deserve for Howard. Cohen is so little (181 lbs vs. Howard at 225), he’ll never be the go to goal line guy or relied upon to establish the running game on his own. He brings speed/agility to the table for the Bears offense. But that doesn’t help the Bears without Howard around as the primary guy. I think he’ll reemerge this week vs. Miami and a lot of people will be kicking themselves for giving up Howard for far less than he’s worth ROS.

No one wants to give me proper value for Howard in my league. Its funny because everyone thinks workhorse Rbs are easy to find by the way they value RBs… Despite half the league being desperate at Rb lol

yep haha. give it a few weeks and watch the desperation gradually build…i can only imagine what this forum will look like when the trade deadline is approaching lol. it’s gonna be a manic feeding frenzy. and I think Howard will be the chum, personally. Hang on to that dude and just watch his value grow up and to the right…might end up just wanting to start him, in fact.

Did you get MT?

Not yet, funny enough the guy trading him is my roommate. I may wait until later tonight to try and get him to commit because last night he said that the DJ one was the one he’d do for sure. Second option he said he would think about. I’m thinking if I wait till later before waivers maybe he’ll bite harder