Trade offers - need some help please!

Hey guys,

So I have one of my teams that’s circling the drain thanks to selling keepers at the deadline last year (don’t worry, I won the ship so it was worth it)… I’m a few games back from last playoff spot and a roster that has under performed to this point… I’m considering flipping some of my early round guys for keepers but I had one of the top teams reach out to me about acquiring both Melvin Gordon and OBJ…

Need some perspective.

He’s been throwing me different trade offers… this morning it was Saquon Barkley, Michael Crabtree, and Kenyan Drake - Drake in the 12th is the only real keeper of this bunch.

I wasn’t really loving it so he countered with Kamara (8th round) and Robert Woods (5th)…

I still think I’m not getting enough value back for Gordon/OBJ but am I splitting hairs here as I’m staring down the barrel and need to start thinking about the future?

At this point, my roster features:

OBJ/M. Jones/Baldwin/Gordon/Crowder/Davis/Westbrook/T.Taylor/Benjamin
(and who cares about K/DST lol)

I have Albert Wilson in IR spot too.

I feel like I shouldn’t be last place… LOL