Trade offers to consider

I have the Michael Thomas/Drew Brees stack, someone was looking to move kamara and I want to offer e. sanders, breida & brees for Rodgers and kamara. Am I giving up too much? Here’s each our teams


You are definitely not giving up too much, I’d be shocked if you were giving up enough

Do you think it’s leaving me thin at WR? Or should I try to ship off Howard for a solid WR2 while Baldwin is out?

I think you are ok at wr without a trade given that your rbs are so solid. I just don’t see anyone seeing that trade as enough value for kamara. Maybe after this week theyll buy Brees but I doubt it

Agree. I think you need to offer more.

I think you need to keep Sanders. You don’t want to be left with Thomas, Baldwin and Brown when the byes start, though you might be able to pick up some useful guys from waivers.

Should I trade Howard, Brees and sanders for kamara and Rodgers?

Or should I do Howard. Watkins for kamara

That’s still probably not enough. Howard should be solid this year but kamara is on a whole nother level.

Yeah you’re not going to get Kamara without giving up more. Unless your opponent is not particularly intelligent.

Offered Brees, Howard, sanders & Watkins for kamara, Rodgers, Demaryius Thomas And Allen Hurns