Trade offers to sell Gillislee

I’m in a 12 team standard league. I am crazy for wanting to trade gillislee for Crowell or d. Murray straight up? Gillislee’s volitility with TDs scares me.

Rest of my roster…
QB: Luck, Palmer
RB: Gurley, T. West, Coleman, Ingram, Chris Johnson, Perine
WR: Julio, DT, Hurns
TE: Ertz

For Murray would be a steal. Crowell doesn’t sound to good to me. Definitely do the Murray trade right now if you cane lol

i believe the contrary. I dont think either one is a good trade for the gilly owner. I own gilly in a league and would not trade him for crowell or murray. gilly will produce equal numbers to crowell probably all season but with a higher ceiling. murray is done, hes an older back with a ton of milage on his body. hes looked slow and out of it thus far into the season and now with injury reports its looking dim. Take all of thsoe things and add to them that you have derrick henry behind him and its a wrap.

This is why Fantasy Football is so much fun, different opinions. I’d water bet you if you lived near me lol


Thanks love the input. After thinking it over further I decided to ride with filly. Plus the Murray owner ended up wanting more than just gilly for Murray.