Trade offerxxxx

In a dynasty league, should i trade jay ajayi whose contract is up this year for me for sterling shepard contract is up in 2019 and david njoku whose contract is up in 2020? Thank you for the input.

whats your depth at RB?

i have mark ingram (SUS) and zeke.
WR: cooper kupp, sammy watkins, allen hurns (starters)

really not expecting my team to win this year, but am trying to build for 2019, 2020 seasons.

Trade Ajayi…I don’t like whats happening to running backs these days. There is no way that Blount and Hyde should be possible back ups this year to rookies but they may be. Teams are disrespecting their RBs left and right. Steelers will likely let Bell walk and I bet Ingram walks next year as well. If Blount and Hyde lose their jobs thats 2 more on the market next year. Eagles like Clement a lot and on the last year of contracts they tend to run RBs into the ground and Ajayi doesn’t have the knees for that lol

very true, i dont think ajayi will stay injury free throughout this year, also i really like corey clement as a possible acquisition.

Im looking to trade Ingram for that reason…I think the saints may let him walk and he would end up in a similar one year contract situation next year

i like the trade in vacuum but not looking on the contract situation!

shurmur in ny and a running game could really help shepard this year! also odell comes back and he doesn’t have to be the WR1 like last year when everything went down.

njoku is nice to have…!

but personally i think that you have to shape up your RB-corps! trading ajayi and not getting someone who could start at least in certain weeks, seams a little bit risky for me!

very good point. Right now, im trying to deal ingram. this team was already drafted and here for me, i just picked it up and am trying to make some moves. Also, looking to trade zeke for dj.