Trade on Dynasty

Devonta Freeman and Christian Kirk
Guice and Boyd .

On a Fantasy dynasty 10 team ( 1/2 PPR)

My RBs: Mixon, Drake, Royce F, Mack, Jacobs and Guice.

Wr: Juju, Robby Anderson, Kupp,Allison,C. Samuel & Boyd .

Thank you

This is a curious one… I think I like the Guice / Boyd side better myself…

I love Kirk’s potential, but there’s the risk that Murray struggles to adjust to the NFL game… and I’m really not a fan of Freeman, especially in Dynasty formats but I understand the idea that IF he stays healthy, he should be the top option for all three downs.

I prefer the Freeman and Kirk side myself. @Richardm771 what is you motivation for the lateral move? Or do you see it differently?

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I think there are too many rbs in Washington.
And I like Boyds upside, more likely he will be the #1 wr on 2020, but I don’t trust Dalton as his Qb

Guice side loses. It’s sad to say, and we certainly won’t know until at least preseason, but Guice could be a massive bust. Peterson doesn’t get resigned to sit on the bench.

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Peterson only gets 1.5M guaranteed the first year. He’s insurance.

Sometimes insurance gets used.

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Honestly, I think Bryce Love could be the straw that breaks the camels back. My preference for the Guice side has more to do with not wanting to acquire Freeman in a dynasty format than anything.

Thank you guys, for your help.
I decline the trade, and later a got a new trade,
Guice, John Brown & 3 rd (2020)
Nick Chubb.

The other RBs in Washington don’t really scare me. Personally, I feel that Guice has 3 down potential when healthy. AP is there as an insurance policy in the event Guice isn’t back to full heath, and Thompson can’t hold up to being anything more than a complimentary piece.

I like the system that Boyd is going to be in with an upgraded OL that should help give Dalton more time to hit his targets.

Overall I lean toward Guice/Boyd.

I’m just curious why you think Guice has 3 down potential? He had marginal at best target share in college (7% abouts) and had one season of more than 10 total targets… I know he seemed to take to the roll in the preseason last year prior to the injury (which if I remember correctly came on a pass play) but I’m not 100% positive that he’s a lock for 3 downs even if he’s healthy.

just opening the dialog though, maybe you have a resource I missed that may change my mind

Honestly I don’t have anything more concrete to go on than the small sample size we saw in preseason and training camp last year. From all accounts he was decent in pass protection and hands/route running were solid enough. I’m not too concerned with the target share from college based on the scheme the ran at LSU.

I don’t hate Guice as a prospect, I just try to account for everything, and AP isn’t going to roll over, and a healthy Bryce Love (a BIG if at this point) could vulture some touches too. There’s some good backs in that backfield, but I’d like to think Guice gets the first crack but who knows.

I certainly don’t disagree with your logic, all of that is valid. I have to think Guice gets first crack at it too.

Freeman/Kirk for me in this one.