Trade one of my 3 Stud RBs to address weaknesses?

I went RB with my first 3 picks this year and so far it’s really paid off. I have L.Bell, E.Elliott, and T.Gurley. We have multiple flex spots, which are different types of flexes. Right now I’m streaming QBs because I have A.Luck. I also have NOT had ANY production from my starting TE spot. Below is my team (less D/ST & Kicker since they are irrelevant). I’m thinking of offering one of my 3 Stud RBs, M.Bryant, and J.Graham for A.Brown and T.Kelce. Should I do this or sit tight with 3 stud RBs? I’m 4-0 now. If yes, which RB should I trade away? Obviously I’ll wait until after Zeke’s hearing which is tomorrow…

QB: Streaming until A.Luck returns (I have T.Taylor, T.Siemian, & J.Cutler)
RB: L.Bell
RB/WR: E.Elliott
WR: K.Allen
WR/TE: D.Parker
RB/WR/TE: T.Gurley
TE: J.Graham

Bench: J.Rodgers, A.Abdullah, Martavous Bryant, Marquis Lee, T.West, and E.Ebron

Keep the studs try to drop some depth instead like abdullah and quizz instead. See if they bite on that.

Are you saying package Abdullah or Jacquizz to upgrade my TE? Certainly won’t get A.Brown for either of those guys…

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If it was me, I would make sure Zeke is good to go rest of season, then absolutely sell gurley high and try to get AB for him. He got a rough scheduke coming up. but then you are running the risk of having AB and Bell both on your team which will be a problem during the bye weeks, and any dud gamees the steelers have, as well as capping your upside (only one of them can score on each possession. SO who knows, maybe i wouldnt lol

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Yeah I certainly don’t need to trade, but if I could take care of both my problems (QB & TE) and replace a stud for a stud, then I’d consider. But my TE production has been disappointing, although Graham has been better the last 2 games. My #2 WR is pretty much split between D.Parker & M.Bryant. If I gave up Bryant, I lose some depth during bye weeks. Best case scenario for my team would be for Zeke to be good for the rest of the season, Jimmy Graham start to play like Jimmy Graham, and Luck get his A$$ on the field ASAP and not have to trade!

I’m in a similar boat, with 3 RB1s(Freeman, Gordon, Fournette) and I’m sitting on them. We’ve already seen another back go down in Cook. If you finish the season with all your backs healthy you could be looking at a potential championship team. I’m only moving one of mine if I get an offer that blows my doors off.

Yeah I’m not going to trade just for the sake of trading or the ever popular “sell Gurley high”. If I could add stability at QB, upgrade my TE, and get an A.Brown in return, I would have to strongly consider. The guy who has A.Brown needs a stud RB as well as quantity (he’s started D.Jackson & D.Walker the last two games at one flex position). He also has 2 good TE’s (Kelce & D.Walker). His QBs are Brees & Stafford. Was thinking of offering one of my RBs, M.Bryant, J.Graham, & one of my QB streams for A.Brown, Stafford, & Kelce. This would improve my two problem positions and give me the best WR, but sacrifice some depth. The question is, should I mess with a 4-0 team with 3 of the 4 best RBs in the league?..

I feel ya. I actually bought low on Kelce last week and I’m waiting on Luck as well. Your RBs are light-years ahead mine, and even if Gurley does regress over these next 6 games he’ll be serviceable as a flex.

Yeah the upcoming matchups for Gurley are a little tough, and he probably won’t put up 30 points a week for long. But he passes the eye test, the line is much better, and he’s so involved in the passing game now and the volume alone makes him matchup proof IMO.

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I wouldn’t trade for a QB unless I was getting Rodgers or Brady. You’re 4-0 while streaming QBs, clearly it works. I agree you need a better TE but I wouldn’t package too much for one. What does the Ertz owner need?

Also the Zeke hearing is today so I wouldn’t do anything with any RB until I knew for sure that Zeke could play all year. Imagine if you traded Gurley(which is what I would do assuming Zeke plays all year) and then later you find out Zeke is suspended. Wait it out a day. Good luck from one 4-0 team to another.

@mpignatelli Thanks for your reply. I completely agree on waiting on Zeke. As for the QB, I’m not looking to pay a high price for a Brady or Rodgers. I was looking at someone solid and more proven to throw into the mix of streaming QBs for a couple weeks and insurance should Luck not get back to being Andrew Luck.

The Ertz owner that you asked about, I was looking at that yesterday. He needs a RB too and has Odell.
I could offer him a similar trade as the guy with A.Brown but that would be less appealing. At that point I’d just stick with Gurley and hope Jimmy Graham keeps getting more involved.

So with all that said, assuming Zeke is good to go. Would you offer: Gurley, J.Graham, M.Bryant, and say T.Siemian for: A.Brown, T.Kelce, and M.Stafford? I suppose I could withhold M.Bryant at first and could throw him in later if I need to sweeten the deal. If he accepts initial offer I would then have L.Bell, A.Brown, and M.Bryant (gulp).

Also, the guy who has Gronk needs RB help. I could offer Gurley, J.Graham, M.Bryant, and A.Luck for AJ Green, Gronk, and T.Brady?

The only RB I’d even consider trading is Zeke, and that could really backfire, and I’d have to get way, way more than what you’re talking about in the initial post. If you can start all three RBs, it would be very hard for me to trade them.

DFWB brings up a good point. How is your roster constructed? Can you start 3 RBs? The league I’m in starts 3 WRs and 2 RBs with no flex so a higher premium is placed on WRs. If you can’t start all three RBs then I like that Green, Gronk, and Brady trade better than the other. If you can start all three RBs then I might hold off on trading as those three RBs should be able to accumulate enough points each week to offset your other shortcomings.

@mpignatelli our starting roster construction is posted in my original post. We have unique rosters where I can start all 3 RBs.

I didn’t read the whole list of posts, but Green, Gronk and Brady is one hell of a package. Wow. Who would that be for?