Trade Opinion- 2 Point Ppr

Need opinion on trading Powell for Cook . Have west, gillislee for RB. Cook would replace Powell as my flex.
Thomas, jones, Bryant as WR.

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I don’t think I would do it. I think that Powell will have a steady floor and also a couple games where he blows up. Cooks is probably similar, but with all the other players in NE, there will probably be games where he gets almost nothing.

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@Harpersdad, are you think of Cooks? If this is Dalvin Cook, do it now. If this is Cooks, I’d still do it. I hate everything about the Jets this year.

Good point, Guinness. I took this as Brandon. I would definitely take Dalvin.

I am not keen on the Jets, but Powell had some solid games at the end of last season and they were a train wreck at QB. He will get production. Brandon will be consistently inconsistent. When the New England offense goes pass happy, he’ll produce. When Belicheck has his run heavy games, Cooks could post a goose egg.

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I don’t disagree, but Cooks will at least be on the field more.