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Trade Opinion - Dynasty Full PPR


Here is my roster in a full point PPR dynasty league. We keep 15 players each year and draft 5 for a full roster of 20:
QB Tyrod Taylor
WR Julio Jones
WR TY Hilton
RB Adrian Peterson
RB LeGarette Blount
WR/RB/TE Julian Edelman
TE Austin Hooper
BN Taylor Gabriel
BN Cameron Meredith
BN Jamison Crowder
BN Jacquizz Rodgers
BN Charles Sims
BN Jeremy McNichols
BN Chris Thompson
BN Darren Sproles
BN Jamaal Williams
BN Joe Williams
K Wil Lutz
DEF Miami

I traded Julio Jones, Austin Hooper, and my first round draft pick next year for Jordan Howard, Jimmy Graham and his 5th round pick next year. Do you think this was good for my team?


I will answer again.

You took 16.25 points per game (last years average) out of your lineup. Julio is a game changer. You upgraded your RBs, … probably. You upgraded TE most certainly.

You gave up the best player and the best draft pick. It may work out that everything plays out well, maybe Julio is injured and Howard is the top 5 RB you are hoping for. Anything can happen, right?

But you are asking now, before the first snap of a regular season game. With what we know at this point in time, you are on the wrong side of the trade.


In all honesty, I think you got robbed in that trade. You definitely shouldn’t have to of given up your 2018 1st round with Jones in the mix. You should of been able to get those guys & some for Jones alone.


Here is the issue and the reasoning. I tried extremely hard to get a RB as I am in desperate need of one. I have a very good set of WR’s on my roster. None of the guys who had the top 3 RB’s would give them up because it’s dynasty. Dynasty makes it incredibly difficult to get RB’s once rosters are already set in stone because the depth at RB is very minimal. Most teams don’t have any depth on their team. The guy who gave me Howard had Howard, Gurley, and Ameer Abdullah. His team was probably the best team in terms of RB depth. People that had guys like Ajayi, Fournette, and even Cook wouldn’t even take Julio for them straight trade. I like Howard for dynasty as he is VERY young, plays with a really good O-line, and will be good for years to come. Most WR’s start to decline at around 31-32 which is 2 years for Julio.

I wanted to be competitive this year so getting Graham and Howard I felt was an upgrade as I could slide Howard in and start another of my good WR’s rather than those points sitting on my bench every week. I have zero faith in any RB on my team at the moment. Jamaal Williams COULD pan out, but that’s a huge maybe. Giving up my first pick next year was tough, but I think I will finish in the top 6 of my league this year and doubt I would get much out of it next year anyway. This year was a rarity with how many good rookie RBs came into the league and those were still all gone in the first 6 picks.


I totally understand, …

but you traded out of desperation.


That is true. I hope it works out.


Dude, it might work. But you need to remember 2 things:

  1. Use logic in your decision making process.

  2. Never let fear of failure influence you. Safe = Not First


All in all, not the worst trade. I’m not in love with it, but it could have been worse. Like you said rb is a tough spot, so to give up a wr on your deep wr team isnt the worst since you had no good rb option. Obviously you overpaid with giving up a first, and getting a 5th in return. But you would not have had a chance at being competative otherwise. In short, yoy overpaid, but really maybe not since at least you got an rb for the future to build around . And maybe your 2 rookie rbs pan out and next year you are sittin pretty at RB.


Agreed. You pretty much have to overpay for a rb in this league. This is only my 2nd year doing dynasty so I’m not sure if that’s the same in every dynasty league, but it would make sense as I would want a lot for a young, rising rb if I were the one giving one up.


I honestly don’t like that trade at all. I don’t know if you can ever count on Howard to produce another season like he did last year, and his value plummets in PPR. A first round pick is always valuable, but next year or could be particularly valuable. I think it could be the best draft class in years. I hope it works out for you, but I’m not holding my breath.


@Harpersdad You said I took 16.25 points per game out of my line up with Julio, but you didn’t consider that Howard got 16 points per game last year from the moment he started in week 3. Plus, it was Howard’s first year and his situation really hasn’t changed much. His O-line is top 5 in the league, and Julio is getting older now. I’d say long term, I’d rather have Howard with the facts we have.

@DFWB I don’t know why you don’t think Howard is good enough to continue production. I’ve only heard analysts talk about how great his talent is. The only concern is the team he plays for. He finished RB9 in my league last year and only started for 14 games.


That’s exactly the issue. I just don’t think Chicago is going to be any good, and i don’t think they’re going to ne good any time soon. I don’t think he has the talent to consistently produce on a bad offense (to be fair, few RBs do). A huge amount of his rushing yards cam when his team was down two scores. I don’t think that’s sustainable, because most teams tend to throw when they’re down (and he’s not a good receiver). I also think his touchdown opportunities, in particular will be limited by the offense.


What I was trying to say is that you didn’t improve your team. Your RBs got better and your WRs got worse.

Pros: Howard is younger. Howard is an RB. Julio is probably only a top WR for 3-5 more years.

Cons: Chicago is a worse team. Chicago has worse QB. RBs don’t last as long as WRs. You gave up a first round pick next year, which I think is really bad for a team that has a deficiency of talent.

This is just my opinion, but you did ask for it. I cannot tell you that it was a good trade. I think you gave up too much and probably set your team up to lose this year and in the future.


I have to disagree. Start Graham over Hooper is a huge upgrade. Starting Jordan Howard over any of my RB’s is an even bigger upgrade. And the downgrade from Julio to Crowder in a PPR format won’t be as bad as you might think, at least in my opinion.


but you also are still not taking into consideration position scarcity. in a deep bench dynasty league when you have no good viable RB1, so you give up a WR1 for one, its just worth it. he has plenty of WRs to replace julio. he has no one to replace howard. lets just say howard averages 14 points a game. 2 points less than he did last year after taking over. then lets look at crowder who will be his guy more than likely to come off the bench. he averaged 12 points a game. then look at AP or blount being replaced, they will be lucky to score 10 a game. that makes it an even trade off, with a younger talent to work around. plus AP and blount wont be in the league too much longer so he NEEDS that talent. he over paid right now yes, but in the long run he did what may have been his only option. so sure apples to apples it looks like a bad trade, but when you look at the whole picture its not as bad as you are making it sound. just my opinion.


Ok, then you are all set.


I can’t disagree with you. I just felt that taking the risk on Howard, especially the fact that they STILL ran the ball at 2 scores down shows they don’t want to abandon the run. Swapping Julio for Howard and upgrading TE and swapping in a good WR for Julio felt like a great choice to me. I know it looks lopsided on the surface, but that’s why I actually gave my entire team scenario as the trade really fit my team well.


Lollllll so definitive