Trade opinion dynasty

Dynasty league half ppr

A. abdullah, d. thomas, E. ebron 2018 1st and 3rd for Gronk and Gurley?

Gronk and Gurley side pretty easily for me.

Gronk > Ebron, 1st, 3rd

Gurley >= Abdullah, DT

Value-wise, even if you don’t believe in Gronk or Gurley, you can sell them for more than what the Abdullah side would get you.

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I think you could get better value for Gronk and Gurley. It all depends on your roster. If you’re in win now mode, I’d hold on to them. If you don’t have a shot for the title this year, I’d sell them separately for more value.

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I prefer the Abdullah and Ebron Side. I personally thing Abdullah is going to do well this year, compared to Gurley. And Gronk get’s hurt a lot - it’ll also depend on your team makeup. The non gronk side gives you a lot for the future.


I am the side that is trading for Gronk and Gurley.