Trade Opinion L. Jackson for Kamara

2QB League, standard scoring. I have Lamar, Kamara owner had Dak. He offered Kelce for Lamar, I don’t think it’s enough, looking for opinions on Lamar for Kamara.

My other 2 QB’s are Gardner and Wentz.

I have Jones, Robinson, Gibson and Ekeler on IR.

My thought would dominate RB positions in the league, hopefully have 2QB’s in the QB2 range most weeks and two high end RB1’s.


You will probably do extremely well with kamara/jones most of the year, my concern is that gardner and wentz can both disappear completely. You need to find a 3rd QB and work the matchups to give yourself a better chance week to week. If both QBs are playing decently, then you’ll be in a good spot most weeks and that trade kills. If they both tank on the same week, you probably can’t recover.

All that said, Kamara is a cheat code and Lamar has been slightly less stellar than last year, so I think between the 2 in a single QB league it’s Kamara all day. If you can find some good QBs on the wire and make the streams work, then this trade might lock up a championship for you.