Trade opinion please

I just got offered Aj Green, kareem hunt, and tyrod taylor for wentz dez Bryant and freeman. My other wideouts are Hopkins Devante parker sanu juju and pryor and my other rb are Collins james connor duke Johnson and lev bell.

Do I do it?

Just my opinion but this trade seems like a loss for you, or wash at best.

Wentz is too hot to give up for Tyrod and Dez / AJ and Kareem / Devonta are too close to call.

that what I told him and he counter with tyrod taylor and green for dez and wentz

he said lets leave the rb out of it

So tyrod for wentz and dez for AJ?

Nah…I still don’t do it. The QB disparity is the deal breaker. And AJ has been no more consistent than Dez, not enough of an upgrade to make up for the drop in qb quality.

It’s just my opinion, but I think you’ve got a good team with the players you named. It aint broke…don’t fix it.