Trade Opinion - Too Much/Not Enough

12 Team PPR:

I give: Gronk, Crowell
I get: Reed, Sanders, Larry Fitz

Too much? Not enough?

My WRs in this league are Gordon, Kupp, K. Cole, R. Grant, Sutton, and D. Pettis

That won’t be enough


I think I’d hang onto Gronk and Crowell. If you do have some backup and want to trade, you could get a WR1 or a RB1 for those two guys. You should be able to get Kamara or Gurley type RB or. M. Thomas type WR for that kinda deal. Plus if you give 2 for 3 then you gotta drop someone else.

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Kamara or Gurley for Gronk/Crowell? No way.

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i agree that won’t be enough for gurley or kamara but i think it’s close on the original deal i threw out there, guy im trading to is also a jets fan and owns DT along with Sanders so i feel with both of those that might swing it a bit more in my favor but holding off another week

If he’ll take it then by all means I would do that right now. I’m just telling you I wouldn’t accept that.

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