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Trade opinion


Dynasty league half-point PPR looking for opinions on the trade hopkins& Decker for Alshon & Martavius


I prefer the Alshon and Martavis side by quite a bit. Hopkins and Decker both have giant-sized QB issues.


I would have a hard time parting with Hopkins in dynasty personally. He may have QB issues right now but he’s the best WR in this group by far. He’s a young superstar, which is gold in dynasty, and the QB issue for him will probably be resolved within the next couple of seasons. If it doesn’t, he will probably test free agency and end up in a better situation. Add to that the fact that alshon can’t stay on the field and martavis is always suspended. You may not get immediate results for keeping Hopkins but if you trade him now, you will probably regret it in the 2018/19 seasons. Good Luck!


I would only do that trade bro if you can get dalvin cook someone in the draft or via trade. I’m a huge Hopkins fan to it’s hard to part ways with him especially with deshaun Watson showing up soon.


When you said Deandre Hopkins was the best receiver in this group, I think you misspelled “Martavis Bryant”. Hopkins has had an outlier of half a season in 2015 where he was putting up unattainable numbers and the Texans were losing. Their defense was terrible that first half of the season, no reason for it either. Martavis Bryant is the most talented receiver in this group with by far the most upside.


blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Martavis has only had one good season. The rest of the time he was suspended. Hopkins has played 4 years, all 16 games all 4 years. His rookie season he had 800 yds. Then 1200, then 1500, then Brock Osweiler happened and his numbers dropped. 1500 may have been an outlier but you can’t say that without saying that last season was an outlier also. I’ll take the guy that will stay on the field and off the drugs in this case.


Take the trade. You’ll be the winner of it and be happy with your move come December.


I traded Hopkins and decker, really like Bryant and Alshons new opportunity. Thank you all for the feedback!


Good luck bro. I like Jeffery I think he’s gonna do well with wentz. But I don’t see Bryant being better then Hopkins unless I suffer head trauma from falling flat on my face. JuJu smith is the guy I would target from pit.


i agree with the hopkins and decker side. you get safety in reliability, and solid all around production. the only thing i dont like about decker is his possibility of being the number 1. like anyone else who knows him knows, he just does better as a number 2. alshon and bryant are know for 1 thing. never being on the damn field. and bryant, of his 2 seasons of actually playing combines for 1 good year you could have with just hopkins alone. 76 for 1300 yards and 14 TDs. i mean hell decker went 80 for 1100 yards and 12 TDs with the damn jets in 2015! so in my opinion, take your safe picks that still produce at high levels and smile.

oh and also, even with the horrible osweiler throwing to him, he still got 78 for 950 yards and 4 TDs. those are highly improvable numbers with a QB who doesnt suck on chodes. pardon my language. also not to mention you can tell he had a terrible QB because his catch percentage went from in the 60s to almost 50. so dont let anyone get you down about hopkins.