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Trade opinion?


10-Team. 0.5 PPR. Just basing it off incoming and outgoing players alone, which side do you like more?

Team A:
RBs: Bell, Gurley, Elliot, Gillislee, Perkins
WRs: Thomas, Crabtree, Diggs, Watkins, Snead, M. Jones, Tyrell Williams

Team B:
RBs: Gordon, Murray, Kelley, Blount, Murray
WRs: Baldwin, Pryor, Adams, Decker, Wallace, Matthews

Team A Receives:

  • Doug Baldwin
  • Terrelle Pryor
  • Latavius Murray

Team B Receives:

  • Michael Crabtree
  • Stefon Diggs
  • Mike Gillislee


Comparing each player by position…

Baldwin > Crabtree > Diggs > Pryor

I think the WR group looks better on Team A with this trade.

Gillislee > Lat Murray but team A is really solid at RB.

I think if I were team A I would pull the trigger but team B should stay put.