Trade opinions and help!

I put these two trades in what do you think? Full ppr

I have big Ben, teddy Bridgewater
Rb- howard, McCaffrey, Hyde,Cohen
Wr- brown, Jeffrey, diggs, shepard, kupp, doctson
Te- engram, Doyle

Howard and Shepard for hunt

Howard Shepard and Doyle for gurley and Hunter henry

The first trade isn’t good. Hunt is on a steady decline, and I’m talking STEADY. He’s like the Titanic before it breaks in half and completely plunges into the water. Don’t let go Rose!! But seriously I don’t want hunt at the moment.

The second trade isn’t bad, and I’d take that. Gurley is a beast, and you’ve still got Engrom so even if Henry doesn’t pan out you’re still good. You’ll be fine without Shepherd, you’ve still got Brown, Jeffery, and Diggs, and Kupp is pretty good, he gets lots of Red zone targets.

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