Trade opinions, blockbuster type

So I recently made a trade, I want to see what yall think of it.

I gave up:

Michael Thomas
Zach ertz
Cam newton

I got:

Alvin kamara
Doug baldwin
Andrew luck

In a vacuum, which side would you prefer? I’m hurting at TE now, but I’m used to that and there are actual options this year to stream.

Seem pretty fair. I like what you got a little better.

I think it’s pretty fair up the center, but Not sure I would’ve given up Ertz though honestly. I like Kamara but Baldwin is not consistent, and Luck doesn’t have the same upside that Newton does. Thomas is a pretty consistent WR which makes him so good, along with Ertz being a great TE as well. In a vacuum it’s a toss up. If your roster was stacked at WR and needed a RB then it’s probably a win.

Ertz was the part that really hurts. Cause it’s hard to give up acWR that’s getting 10+ targets a game, let alone a TE. But I took the risk of being able to get a TE that can replace him ish, to upgrade the one spot I’m really weak at… RB. Before this trade due to situations, I had gordon… fantastic, but then Chris thompson and royce Freeman. And that’s it. So it feels worth it, but I do still feel dirty about it. That and 8 feel that having Baldwin and tate to front my WR core, I can play matchups with my other WRs to negate as much of the Thomas loss as possible.