Trade Opinions Landry/DT

Just wanted to see what others think of this. .5 PPR. Trade is already done:

Team 1 gets: Landry
Team 2 gets: DT and a (likely high) 2019 1st

Team 2 is a contender and has a lot of depth (Landry was probably WR4). Team 1, very much not a contender.

I like it.
As a contender, DT should do fine with Keenum throwing him the ball. The early first could be used as some nice trade bait at the end of the season, or you can replace Landry with a good young Rookie. Good trade!

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Thanks! I almost got Julio with Landry and a picks so this felt like a bit of a let down, but I agree I think my team got better this year and I got a nice piece for the future.

If you’re playing to win now I take the DT and the 2019 1st. We don’t know how Landry will do in his new offense but we should see improvement from DT with Keenum at the helm.

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I agree. I actually like the move both for now and the future. I really think this guys team is going to be bad. Really bad, so it could be realistically be top 3.

Give me DT and the pick fo sho

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Good trade for both sides. However, seems like too much to pay for Landry when his production is predicted to drop this year.

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im with all above…really like the DT side!

can’t see the volume landry needs to be productive in cleveland…! and if the really cutting coleman and bring in someone like dez it makes it even more difficult!

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