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Trade opinions Snead vs allen


Willie Snead for Buck Allen

I’m possibly getting Snead


questions like this come down to roster for me… Whats your RB and WRs look like?



Rb 1 fournette
2 hunt

Wr 1 a brown
2 Parker/Baldwin/ Tate




I say no… you dont need him you’re set at WR… keep the RB depth


That’s my feeling too. Had to confirm. Thanks!


I agree. No need for the trade


I would definitely do it. Allen got no snaps last week. They don’t like him. Didn’t want him on the team last season… I would get rid of buck before he’s just going to the wire regardless


i would not do it. you need more depth at WR


What about just a straight trade Allen for James white?


What about a flat trade Allen for James white?


I would much rather have snead


You could deal snead for a better rb a week when he goes off