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Trade opinions


I was able to nab Russel Wilson later in the draft after drafting Aaron Rodgers. I am in a PPR league and a little short in the wide receiver spot. Who should I look for to trade with Russel, good value? Or should I hold on to him till later in the year in case someone’s starter gets injured?


What do your current WRs look like


Tate, J Crowder, Martavis Bryant, Tyrell Williams, Doctson, Cole Beasley, Taylor Gabriel.
I was thinking wilson and a receiver I have for a high tier receiver.


is there a QB needy team? can you list their WRs?


This team only has Andy Dalton with Brandin Cooks, Julio, Diggs, Tyreke hill, Zay Jones, and Kupp as their wideouts.


i would be happy to trade Wilson for cooks if i were you


That’s what I was thinking. Give me some security at the wide out position.


I agree. You could package one of your lower tier upside WRs to sweeten the pot


Yeah, who wouldn’t? But I think you’ll probably have to include more.

Is upgrading from Dalton to Wilson worth trading Cooks?