Trade option for QB - URGENT!

hi all,

so i am planning to trade either Alex Smith or Case Keenam with draft picks for Carson Wentz Jacksonville D. Which should I keep? Smith had been on tear earlier but has cooled off, and Case seems to be in rhythm on a hotter team on the ascension. I should make the playoffs so i am going aggressively or the win. Who do I ship?

I would honestly include whichever one gets the deal done. Is the question more for keeper value or is this a redraft? You are going to start Wentz regardless go forward this year so wouldnt worry about the backup.

redraft and it doesn’t for keeper implications.

Either or cuz you’re going to start Wentz and drop the other guy.

Agree with all of the above but I would prefer to keep Smith. Better playoff schedule.

Thanks all, shipped away Case Keenam and Lions D with a 5th and 8th round pick for Wentz and Jax D.