Trade Options - 12 Team Full PPR

Looking towards playoffs (weeks 13, 14, 15) and want to strengthen my RB2 & Possibly QB slots. I was thinking of trading off Hopkins, Williams, maybe Anderson and are open to other suggestions (roster below). I will even shop Bell if needed.

Some targets from owners that I have in mind:

  • Owner #1: Lamar Miller, Josh McCown, Mike Evans (he needs a WR this week to win)
  • Owner #2: Jay Ajayi, Jerick McKinnon, Kelvin Benjamin, Alshon Jeffery
  • Owner #3: Isaiah Crowell, Matt Forte
  • Owner #4: Chris Thompson, Michael Thomas, Amari Cooper, Alvin Kamara, Sterling Shepard
  • Owner #5: Michael Crabtree, Tyrod Taylor
  • Owner #6: LeSean McCoy, Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson
  • Owner #7: Carlos Hyde, James White, Doug Baldwin (maybe), Keenan Allen


I’m not sure if anyone in your league values Damien Williams… Might want to feel people out there. If not you’re going to have to hope to sell high on Hopkins, or trade of Lev Bell for a decent RB and WR.

Ajayi might be worth going after since he’s at Philly now. Maybe Hopkins/Williams for Ajayi/Jeffery. You wouldn’t have to touch your RBs rest of season then.

I just realized that the owner with those players is now 2-7 and might not even be paying attention anymore. However that trade does sound pretty good!

Any more ideas on who I can target before I start sending out trade proposals?

Who’s got freeman or McCaffery?

The Freeman owner has Goff, Green, Jones Jr.
The McCaffery owner is owner #5 with Crabtree and tyrod. He also has Wentz, Julio, Coleman

What about trying Hopkins, Engram, Williams for Crabtree, Julio, McCaffery? McCaffery is a solid RB2 for PPR. If that doesnt work maybe swap Crabtree with M. Jones? That dude is loaded with receivers. You can stream or use Cook for TE.