Trade options for Wr

Alright y’all I’m doing solid so far sitting at 3-2 in a standard league. I love my roster, but I could use a bump at Wr. My current ones are Crabtree, Funchess, Agholor and Marquis Lee.

My current backs are Fournette, Bell, D.Martin, McCaffery, J. Stewart and Rob Kelley.

I’m targeting either Mike Evans or AJ Green.

I have a deal in place with the Evans owner already. We negotiated D.Martin and Jimmy Graham for Evans and Chris Thompson.

I do believe that the deal I have in place is solid, but I would like to have Green if possible.

Just wanted to see what my fantasy football brethren’s think?

I don’t see why you couldn’t make a similar offer the the AJ Green owner. Give him Martin and maybe try and address one of his other positional needs. The key to this trade is to really sell him on the benefits of Doug Martin not having a bye week. But if he is already solid at RB I don’t think it will happen. Nothing wrong with your Evans trade though that benefits you.

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