Trade Options-Wilson/Ekeler for Tannehill/Barkley

I have been offered Barkley and Tannehill for Wilson and Ekeler. I have AJ Brown and Henry which allows a stack. It would let the other manager stack with DK Metcalf. We are in a 10 team full PPR Keeper league. Our draft is this saturday and this trade involves keepers that we can bring but not officially trade until after the draft.

Barkley may not start playing until week 1 or even week 3. His healthy is the only factor that makes me reluctant to trade. Need the Footclans opinions.

Thank you.

What are the rules around keepers, how many, any time limit, etc?

There are six keepers with no other limits. My keepers are cook, Henry, ekeler, wilson, aj brown, and kittle. Originally, he wanted cook instead of ekeler but I declined . Giants announced that he will not be put on the PUP list ,

Appreciate any advice.

I wouldn’t do the trade then with Cook and Henry already there. Ekeler doesn’t have #1 overall upside, but plays for a better team in all aspects giving him probably a higher floor with less injury risk.

I agree with Eric.Lee here, I wouldn’t do the trade either. Saquon is scaring me reeeeal bad these days, plus that Giant’s O-Line is looking putrid. Give me Ekeler on the Chargers offense, plus stability of Russ over too much Titans exposure is a plus in my mind. Though I like Tannehill a lot this year, adding him to a team that already has AJ and Henry could leave you high and dry some weeks if Titans have a bad game…

Hope this was helpful!