Trade or drop some guys..... Singletary...Sanders...Tate

Do I drop these guys or what? I mean, Frank Gore is some kind of real life Benjamin Button case, others just aren’t really doing much, and I’m needing some bench space for bye weeks. I just have no idea if their values and who to target. Any advice is helpful.
Main reason I’m asking is for my upcoming bye weeks.

Singletary is an easy drop if you need someone for a bye week.

Here’s how to make it easier on yourself… here is his entire 2019 stats:

I would not be holding two kickers, even through a bye week.

Crowder and Tate are also both cut candidates if you need someone for a bye week.


Unless there’s a starter out on waivers I don’t think there’s a need to drop. Singletary had his first game back in 3 weeks. From your lineup you’re pretty set it’s maybe a bye week fill or flex play you look at on a weekly basis.

Murray had no value till kamara got hurt. Maybe he’ll play more snaps in the coming weeks. I’d think about trading him to the kamara owner for some depth.