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Trade or Hold?


My team (12 man full PPR and .20 per carry):

QB: Luck, Wentz (til Luck is healthy)
RB: Gordon, Riddick, Martin, Perine, Vereen (drafted Ware)
WR: AJ Green, Jordy, D. Parker, Garcon, John Brown, Cooper Kupp.

I have two offers for Parker:
A. I get Gillislee/Kevin White for Parker
B. I get Maclin/Decker for Parker/Kupp

Thoughts? Do I do one of these deals or just hold and wait for Martin to come back from suspension to take my RB2 spot?


Wait…I have Post draft Anxiety as well. I keep looking to trade people as well. ONLY do it if you specifically WANT someone, do not do it just to release the Anxiety of nothing happening. I think Parker has higher upside than most of the people you can get. Both these do no really improve your team. I always feel like my pre-sean trades/post draft trades, never workout for me. Just HOLD onto what you got unless you believe there is an UNREAL DEAL! you can pass on both of these.


I’m not really in panic mode to be honest…apparently Parker is the new hotness in my league and people want him badly. I’m skiddish on Gillislee but obviously he has upside. Parker and Maclin are the two that are tough to differentiate between for me but thanks for the advice! Not sure either drastically help me either.


I’d hold onto Parker. Those trades don’t assess your needs in my opinion. Gillislee is still a dice roll


Yeah he definitely is a gamble. I probably am just better off waiting to see if a better offer comes along or wait until Martin comes back and reassess then.


I agree with kborgognoni. That trade does not exactly “help” your team out. Parker has the upside of a high end #2 WR. And when Martin comes back, your top RB is completely set. I mean I’m sure you know, but you’d have Gordon, Martin, Green, Jordy, Parker as your starting lineup… you don’t need additional help from anyone else. Keep your team brotha!


Right, and I think I’m more than set with that roster. I didnt anticipate this much interest in him but it certainly makes sense with his immense upside. Thanks man!


Remember the year Alshon Jeffrey broke out? That COULD be Parker this year.