Trade or Hold?!?

Trade or hold with: Chubb AP Adams Cousins???

AP shouldve been traded like 4 weeks ago. That ship has sailed.

If you can trade a QB for skilled positions, always do that.

Adams and chubb are holds unless you get full value fro them.

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I would trade AP as soon as you can. The fact that he carried some nagging injuries through the bye is not a good sign. Don’t see why you would trade Adams as he’s a top 5 WR and upgrading would be pretty risky/ hard to do. With Chubb, I think you could go either way. I’d only trade if you could get a trading partner to agree his value is equal or greater than Hyde’s value was in Cleveland.

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I’m trying to ship him out lol I just don’t know who to tag him along with I just lost Lynch so I could use a RB just don’t know if I should attach him to an offer with Cousins or just try for another RB straight up

Also, what r ur thoughts on Hyde to the Jags? Hold or trade him away?