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Trade or not? Help!


I have the 1.03 in a 15 keeper dynasty standard. Dude wants me to give him my 2017 1.03 , 2.02 and my 2018 1st and 2019 2nd for L.Bell. I will probably take Mixon or Cook in the draft. I think it’s too much for Bell especially with the potential 2018 RB class. Below are my 15 keepers.

1 Kirk Cousins, Wsh QB
2 Latavius Murray, Min RB
3 Ty Montgomery, GB RB
4 Jamison Crowder, Wsh WR
5 Kyle Rudolph, Min TE
6 Dion Lewis, NE RB K Q
7 C.J. Anderson, Den RB
8 John Brown, Ari WR
9 Tyler Eifert, Cin TE
10 Giovani Bernard, Cin RB
11 Willie Snead, NO WR
12 Laquon Treadwell, Min WR
13 James White, NE RB
14 Allen Hurns, Jax WR
15 T.J. Yeldon, Jax RB


That’s very though. Bell would be an excellent add to this team.

I think it’s a tad too much. BUT I’m kind of leaning towards accepting it because he’s 25, going to be a top 5 player past 2019. And the players you might draft may end up not being anything…

If you can maybe talk them down a tad I’d jump on it. But that’s a real tough call.

Not really sure if I was any help haha


I’m actually leaning towards doing it. You have a decent team but Bell would easily raise your team up


If you think you are winning this year, than go for it. If not, which I assume you are not, given your draft position. The next 1-3 years of Bell is not worth hamstringing your team for potentially 3+ years.


That is tough, because you need the help ar RB somethin bad. But, you also need help at WR. If its me i say no and build my team up in the draft, and make smarter, smaller trades for players that are not top end like bell, but will still bring you solid production. Thats a trade i jump on if im missing one piece to be dominant for the next 3 or so years. Right now as it is, i hate to say it but your 3 or so years just from being a contender unless you snag some game changing players through the draft. So long story short, i say play it smart and build your whole team up, not just one spot.


He countered, it’s still alot to give up. Should I do it?
Did some thinking last night. What about Bell for Montgomery, 1.03, 2018 1st and the lower 2018 2nd?


Tough…you need some depth and help at the WR. But it’s a hell of a price to pay for Bell. I think you should keep your picks, grab Mixon and a WR with your 2.02.


That’s is exactly how I feel, thanks!


There’s also the suspension risk with Bell given that the guy seems to have poop for brains. Injuries too maybe. Ha she played a full season yet?

Don’t get me wrong, the guy is great but to hamstring your team on that deal for so long is maybe not the best idea given what you might miss out on for those years drafts.