Trade or Not to Trade

Trade Bell for Hopkins Or OBJ?

My other backs are Cook,Henry and Saquon.

Whats the rest of your team look like? WR’s?

No. You dont have the depth at RB to be trading your best asset.

G. Tate
W. Galladay
Robbie Anderson
Chris Godwin
Terrance Willams
D. Moncrief
Willie Snead
Dante Pettis

While I’d agree it leaves you thinner than you may want at RB, Hopkins would be my choice because of his new QB and the fact they’ll get to grow together for a few years (Hopkins big contract will come before Watson’s so no issues there) and Bell’s time in Pitt (along with his QBs) is closer to an end.

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I think it leaves you a little thin especially since you haven’t seen if Cook can go for a whole year, Henry with Lewis in town and Saquon play a down in the NFL… Bell is your only proven commodity. If i was to do this, i would probably wait until in season to do it where you can get one of those WR and draft picks after seeing what your other RBs are going to do and making sure Bell is expendable.

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Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the reply. Jared

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I honestly would go for Hopkins. Longer shelf life, never injured, and young stud QB

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I do love Bell but I agree that Hopkins is the better choice for the long run.

Just a thought, but why not offer Saquon? He has not done anything, and you would be trading for proven WR studs while securing a solid RB in Bell. Just a thought. I know SB is the new hotness, but he has also never taken a snap. Then you can play for the win now.

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