Trade or Stand Pat?

10 team/.5 ppr/2 QB league. Currently 6-2 and would receive a bye in the first round of the playoffs if season ended today. I feel like I am deep enough at each position to get by, but am trying to decide if I should try to trade up. Maybe try to buy low on Kelce for Hockenson plus another piece? This is a 2QB league.

QB: Josh Allen/Tua/Taysom Hill/Justin Fields
RB: CMC/Mixon/Michael Carter/Javonte Williams (Starting Chuba until CMC comes back and also have Perine as Mixon insurance)
WR: Deebo/Lamb/Pittman/Toney/ARob
TE: Hockenson/Conklin (Only have Conklin b/c Hockenson is on bye)
Defense: Streaming each week

Thanks all!

I personally would keep what you have.

That being said, due to Kelce’s bust game, plus KC’s offensive disarray, you may be able to trade Hock for Kelce straight up, depending on Kelce owner’s roster.