Trade or Stay Put

Currently 3-0 but barely won last week.

Might drop Williams and try and get Jefferson or Ayuik.

Probably drop Brown for Moss , Murray. J Wilson or another QB

Based on below stay put or look to make a trade. Full PPR

Sanders, Jacobs, Taylor, Carson,Brown
Adams, Robinson, Slayton,Cooks,Williams
Hurst, Hockenson.

you have enough rb depth that im sure someone in your league has interest in trying to get one of them if you could get a kelce, andrews or kittle it would make that team look pretty tough a top wr1 to pair with adams would be nice too but you look like a solid team i wouldnt worry to much if the offers dont seem right. You can probably also stream qbs unless you want to chase a wilson, allen, mahomes, jackson type

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Thanks man. I am liking Robinson with the WR2 but might throw a few trades out to see.

Who would be some other good trade targets?

thats always a tough question it all depends on the rosters of the league someone who is rb needy (lost saquon or cmc) or just drafted poor on rbs and then look at what they have that you like

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The Michael Thomas owner needs an RB

Out of My top 3 who would you rather keep or give up as Carson won’t do it now probably. He also has Kelce.

id want to keep jacobs so either sanders or taylor who both will get both get a fairly nice return but you might need to pair it with someone to get a kelce or thomas

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I’d consider targeting Tyler Locket or DK Metcalf if either of their owners are hurting at RB. I’d also target Noah Fant with a Hurst/Brown combo if his owner needs a RB or Hurst/Cooks if he needs a WR.

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Out of the 3 RBS as Carson might not do it now who would you rather offer/keep to get it done.

I would attempt to move Sanders.

PHI is struggling right now and Sanders has had 2 good weeks. You can probably snag a good WR2 for him.

Or maybe package Sanders/Robinson for a high end WR1.

Just some thoughts.

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The Tyreek Hill owner might need RB help.

Send Sanders and see what they say or dont over think and stay put for now.

Bumping thanks

Would you trade away Josh Jacobs for Julio Jones and Monty?
Asking for a mate :wink:

For me yes.

Not sure what your mate has :slight_smile: