Trade or Stay Put?

My first ever 8-team PPR league so I’m still trying to figure out how important positional advantages are compared to 12-team league. Should I try and trade Gus/Henderson with a WR for a QB (Murray most likely) or keep my depth and hope for a Trey Lance boom.

QB: Tannehill
RB: Kamara
RB: Najee
WR: Tyreek
WR: A. Robinson ll
TE: Hockenson
Flex: CeeDee Lamb
D: Patriots
K: Sanders

D. Henderson
Jevonte Williams
Curtis Samuel
Trey Lance
Gus Edwards
Marquez Callaway

(Currently have Ceedee in my IR so I will have to drop a bench player before week 1 which will most likely be Callaway unless I make a trade)

Why do you care? You already have Tannehill; why would you send a couple of legitimate resources for another QB?

Because I’m playing elite QB’s EVERY week so not sure if I will comfortable playing Tannehill against Mahomes, Murray, Lamar, Allen, Dak, Wilson, Rodgers every week. I’d feel fine in a 12-team but curious if you still feel confident in him against these others week in week out. And obviously the trade wouldn’t just be for a QB, it would be a package deal

Well, other than Dak’s 5 games, Mahomes averaged the most fantasy points per week of all QBs with 25.36 (Allen had 25.32). Ryan Tannehill, the QB7 in total fantasy points for 2020, averaged fewer than 3.5 points per week less than those two, averaging 21.90. All the other QBs you named fell somewhere between Mahomes and Tannehill.

So to recap, it wouldn’t be worth trading a couple of viable RB and WR assets just to gain a point or two per week at QB.

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Great insight! Thank you for that

Lambs been off the Covid list since the other day so how is he in IR still?

Looks like a good team to me.

This is from a while back but is a decent sample size.

How good has Ryan Tannehill been since taking over for Titans 24 games ago?

Tannehill Mahomes (last 24 games)
114 QB Rating 105.9
6,080 Pass Yds 6,983
61 Total TD 56
10 INT 10
67.7 Cmp % 66.4

If it’s anything like Yahoo’s format, once you put them on IR they can stay there until you take them off of it–but if they are no longer eligible to be on IR it won’t let you make any other transactions until you remove him. So there’s no real reason to throw back whatever player you “borrowed” when you put Lamb on IR until you have to make the move (maybe the scrub becomes the starter in the meantime or something).


AxeElf explained my situation exactly

I got you. We never had an IR prior to Covid so our IR is ‘covid only’ so once they no longer have the covid designation by their name we are expected to move them back to active roster.

This is also true of the Yahoo platform. They are not eligible to be on IR once they are off the COVID list. You are “expected” to move them back to the active roster. However, the system won’t drop a player for you and put an ineligible player back on the active roster from IR for you, just because they are no longer eligible. So technically, once they’re there, you could leave them there all season…

BUT, you wouldn’t be able to make any further transactions, because the system won’t let you make any until the ineligible player is off of IR.

So yeah, he shouldn’t be on IR any more, but right up until you need to make another move (like moving Lamb to your starting lineup), you can “borrow” time on IR.

Yeah. Ours is sort of a hey monitor yourselves but if I catch you abusing it that’s a no-no. I’m all for a little gamesmanship to an extent.