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Trade Or stay with my team?


Hey all I just received a trade offer and I’m having a tough time… 10 team league standard scoring

I would give up Davante Adams and receive Lamar Miller and Wendell Smallwood. Should I take the deal?
My RBs are Hunt, Bell, Gillislee and my WRs are Julio, Mike Evans, Baldwin, and Adams.


I’d stand firm. Don’t see any benefit in this trade for you.


You have solid RB’s.


How did u get Bell, Evans and Baldwin?


I’ve made 5 trades since draft day lol and have gotten lucky but also have played my hands well. I drafted bell hunt and Baldwin but traded for Evans and Julio. Traded Demarco Murray D Henry and D parker for J Graham and Julio. And I got Evans by trading J Reed and K Cousins to a QB and TE needy guy for evans straight up. Also traded E Sanders for Gilislee straight up. Its tough, somehow someway im just 2-2 based off of tough schedule breaks. But I may just leave this trade and not accept it if you guys don’t think it will benefit my team


I would not make any trades. Your team is insane.


Another trade ive been thinking of doing but just dont know if you could help me out. I would trade C Wentz and J Graham for Z Ertz, what do you think? My QBs are Russell Wilson Wentz and Luck and it would just be a TE swap


And thank you lol it took a lot of wheeling and dealing


I think I would do it since Wilson and Luck are more than enough


Only concern I have is I would have to stream a QB during Wilson’s bye and theres not really any quality options on waivers and my priority isnt there to grab Watson before someone else does. Hmmm decisions