Trade out of the 1.01?

I’m in a 12 team superflex league and my team is pretty bad (why I have the 1.01). I need QB and RB help. I was thinking of keeping the 1.01 and taking Lawrence. But someone offered me the following:
I give up the 1.01 and receive JK Dobbins, the 1.09, and a 2022 first.
What do y’all think? Don’t think I will get a good QB at 1.09 but it seems like a good deal.

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If it were me I’d not make that move. I’d take the TLaw pick and do the rest (where appropriate) outlined below.

If I were going to make the move, though, here’s how I’d play it. All this assumes you are really a ‘pretty bad’ team and needing the rebuild.

Flip JK for as many 2021 2nd round picks this year as you can get.

Flip your 2022 first you just acquired for a 2023 1st and 2023 3rd.

Flip your 1.09 for a 2023 1st and a 2021 and 2023 2nd.

Move any of your remaining older assets for 2021 2nds / 3rds or whatever you can get for 2023 1sts / 2nds. Obviously get more if you can.

Use all the 2021 picks on WR depth, maybe a QB if a decent one falls, and a TE in the 3rd. Always try to trade for picks from other bad teams as you will more than likely get earlier picks back in future years.

Accept you will likely tank this year and use your first next year for Howell / Slovis / Rattler at QB, which ever one you like. If you do the above you likely won’t be tanking, just not being that good after moving assets should be enough to get a poor record. Just make sub-optimal lineup decisions. Then use your other 2022 picks on best player available. Look to 2023 to grab stud RBs with your 1sts and enjoy your young stable of WRs, ascending QBs and the breadth of the 2023 class.

I’d try to keep your 2022 1st/2nd picks and use rounds 3 on as sweetners for 2021 2nds / 2023 1-3 rounds. You will struggle for 2021, but get the early pick for 2022. Possibly get an early pick in 2023 as well, but that is your reload class. It is chock a block with RB talent and even QB if you are still needy. If you are really a bad / struggling team, IGNORE RB for 2021/2022 and build WR depth. That’ll pay off and play to already apparent incoming rookie class strengths.

You will need to stay active on the waivers to help build depth pieces and it will require you to stay up on the next two rookie classes. I’ve heard this referred to as a productive struggle and it is tough, but it is a good method to rebuild the dream. I did it this year on three teams (1 needed it, 1 was a rookie draft, 1 was just to try it with a middling team). It was tough sucking but knowing it is for a goal helps.

I’ll credit Dynasty Nerds with this idea. Also the idea ‘In dynasty even losing is winning’ meaning you are getting better picks for ideally a better team.

Probably more than you were looking for in an answer. Just my thoughts, but that’s how I’d approach it.

In Superflex, I keep the 1.01 and definitely draft TL. Then I look to see what my opponents are likely to do and see if you can snag one of the good RB’s at the 2.01. With all the highly rated QB’s and WR’s coming out, you may not get Harris or Etienne, but J. Williams, Gainwell, Hubbard, and/or Sermon will likely be around at the 2.01. Maybe even consider trying to trade the 2.01 for a first round pick in the 8-10 range.

T Law currently has an ADP in the top 12 of startup drafts. To me that means the offered trade probably isn’t enough, assuming you need help at QB. You would likely be able to receive more as the draft gets closer, or you draft T Law and trade him for a big ransom early in the year once other QBs start getting hurt or he has a huge game.