Trade package, help please

I have Dak and Watson… also Ertz, Miller, Martin (all of which id be willing to move)
He has Zeke, Ingram, Evans, Garcon, Henry, Amendola, Kearse, Clay

What should I target?

I’m assuming he needs QB help and that is why you are pointing out who you have at QB? If so, I would pick whichever QB you don’t want to hold onto and package them with Miller and grab any of the first three guys. Normally I would say avoid the Dak and Zeke stack since they are same team and QB/RB but that is a stack I would be fine with. He may be willing to take it with the unknown of Zeke’s suspension looming. Of course getting Zeke is a risk for you in this but to lose your backup QB and a RB who is good but not great, may be worth the risk.

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I was going to give my advice but @Forty9Giants said exactly what I was thinking. Take their advice!

So ingram for Miller and dak?

that would be the lowest I should take?

Correct. And even that I’m not super pumped about but ultimately would probably do it.

I agree. I wouldn’t be overly excited, however I checked out Ingrams playoff matchups… and boy. That’s exciting…

I know for sure I wont get zeke or evans from him unless I add more but I was thinking… He has hunter henry. I could sell High on ertz. and possibly snag evans or zeke in the package as well.

Cause I have O’Leary and olsen on IR. He also has Clay. I feel like I could really win something here…

I def. shouldnt do Evans for Dak, Miller and Ertz right… way too much?

yeah that is way too much. Wouldn’t mind you working Ertz into it if you get Henry back.

but not evans, henry and clay for dak, miller ertz? I have Oleary

Wait so you are trading Dak, Lamar Miller and Zach Ertz for Mike Evans, Hunter Henry, and Charles Clay?

I would have him drop Charles Clay out of the trade and get a middle of the pack RB in his place and would do that.

Dak - Not needed since you have Watson
Lamar Miller - Good but not great
Ertz - Really only piece you are truly losing out on

Evans - Best player in trade
Hunter Henry - Can easily have as good of weeks as Ertz
Clay - Don’t need him.