Trade package ideas

Looking for some trade package advice since I can’t seem to land a solid trade. I have Mark Andrews and Darren Waller and feel like I can trade one. I wanna package one of them with a WR or RB to get a more solid WR option. But every offer I give I’m ignored and looked over.

Who would be a good target? Who should I stack? Or should I just keep my players and hope for the best?

My team:
TE: Andrews/Waller
Rb: cmc, Coleman, Edmonds, Sanders, singletary.
Wr: juju, cooks, diggs, Tate, Boyd, Mclaurin, Sanders.

Thanks in advance for all advice!

I would Package Andrews with Boyd or Mclaurin. Make sure the other person really needs a TE though. Please help with my questions as well :slight_smile:

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Looking at Mike Evans for Andrews and Mclaurin.

He has
Qb: Wilson
Rb: Henry, cook, dj, Ronald Jones, Murray
WR: Cooper, Gallup, evans, dj Moore, Auden Tate,
TE: graham and walker

Yeah that seems like a fair trade. Considering how evans can do really good or score almost no points