Trade Panic... Am I selling low?

I haven’t set either of these trades into stone. I pitched them TOGETHER over the group chat. Sorry this gets image heavy now.

My roster:

My sell. Melvin Gordon is back by week 4 at the latest and produces RB1 numbers EASY. I won’t cry if the trades don’t go through cause then I just get that value but my offers.

Trade offer 1:

AB owner that needs RB depth/help. Melvin Gordon + Justice Hill for Antonio Brown.

Trade offer 2:

Over invested in the KC backfield Ekeler owner.
Melvin Gordon + Waller for Kelce.

Though if he bites I might want to reassess to snag DeAndre Hopkins if I can create a good package.

On my roster Higgins will be swapped out for Anthony Miller in about 3 hours.

Can you type the trade offers? I’m not following based on the images posted?

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Melvin Gordon & Darren Waller for Travis Kelce.


Melvin Gordon & Justice Hill for Antonio Brown.

The Gordon for Kelce I would do in a heartbeat. You are getting a top 20 player for a guy who might not even play until week 10. I would not do the other.

AB is a nut case and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is sidelined for a majority of the season and I dont have much trust in Carr either. I would trade for Kelce in the best offence in the league

I don’t see the team with Kelce accepting that trade.

I would not offer Gordon and Hill for Brown.

I am upset he didn’t take the Brown trade now.

I figured it’d shake out like this or something similar and I like AB with the Pats.

lol. Kelce easy