Trade Patrick Mahomes?

I am in a dynasty league.

I love Patrick Mahomes, but I was curious about something. Would it be worth selling him for a downgrade at QB (but a guy that’s still startable) and see if I could get a 2020 1st or 2020 2nd round pick in return? I also have Tyreek Hill and would be willing to pair the two if the trade was right. I’m kinda in the middle of the rankings in my league (my record is 3-3) and I would love to invest in next year’s draft class. I am currently in 8th place out of 12.

What are your guys’s thoughts?

Is this a dumb idea?

I would not in dynasty. Never played one but he’s going to be good for years to come. Not sure how long you keep them but unless your getting someone like Wilson, kyler and maybe a pick I wouldn’t. Take a lose one year to win the next 10