Trade Pending

Should I do this:
Trade Away: Juju, Minnesota, and Fitz
Receive: Marvin Jones and Watson

Who is your QB right now?

Depends on your QB. I don’t love the trade though. I like Juju’s potential and I think Fitz will be okay. Marvin jones will drop when Tate is back.

Which Watson

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Desaun Watson. I feel Jones is better than Juju rest of season, and jones played well with Tate last Sunday against steelers. I have rivers on bye this week

I also have Cooks and Cupp at receiver and Jacksonville defense

If its QB Watson I’d make that trade. Deshaun is on fire…thermonuclear. He is a matchup proof QB and Marvin Jones and Golden Tate are like WR 1A - 1B in Detroit. In Pittsburgh we all know who the lead dog is in Antonio Brown. JuJu will get the scraps on more weeks. Also Fitz fantasy production won’t go up with Stanton as QB.