Trade picks for Bell/Kelce?

I have an offer, I trade my 2nd & 3rd rnd picks next year and get Bell & Kelce. Should I do it?

My RBs would be Gurley, Hunt, Bell, A. Jones, Lynch, Ajayi. WRs are OBJ, Kupp,Fuller, Fitz, M. Williams, J. Brown.

I had to pick up MacDonald since Eifert is done.

is this dynasty or a keeper/redraft?

2 keepers. Keep players for drafted round. I have Gurley 1st and Hunt 4th. I can keep both for 1 more year before having to let them go. So going into next year I’d still be starting w/Gurley and Hunt and just have to work to build a decent WR core if I have no 2/3 picks.

That’s an in it to win it this year move for sure, I’d assume you’d be heavy favorite in a standard league if you trotted out that lineup. You can find some respectable WRs in the later rounds or make moves again next year. In general for me, if there’s a move that can win me the league now I do it and worry about the future later.

Awesome. Thanks for the input. I’m looking to win back to back. There’s only 2 teams that I’m really worried about, they’ve been beasting it but I think they have to come back down to earth soon…I hope