TRADE! Please help

Should i trade away tevin coleman and the Pats D to receive david montgomery and the saints D? I already have the ravens D as a stash for the playoffs.

The Pats D schedule the next 4 weeks sucks. I figure i can ride the saints D until the playoffs then switch to the ravens. I like montgomery’s workload and schedule moving forward. Am i crazy or does this make sense? Please advise! Thanks in advance.

I wouldn’t. I trust Coleman and that run heavy offence that he is in wayyyyyy more than Montgomery and naggy in that bears offence. Assuming this is redraft. Dynasty I would rather Montgomery

Honestly, I think this would depend on what you feel you need more. Overall, I think I would prefer to be attached to SF, who is the #1 rushing offence, but it really depends on what you want for your roster.

Montgomery right now does seem to be the more stable volume play. If he gets 20 touches a game and all the goal line looks, then he will have a much safer floor. That being said, the offence isn’t looking great, so those volume touches might not yield the best yards per carry and they may not always get to the red zone.

Coleman on the other hand is the ceiling play. He gets less touches than Montgomery, but has more opportunity to do more with those touches given the blockers in front of him. Won’t always work out though, but when it does he pops big. Especially considering he gets most of the red zone looks (except for goal-line carries, which does suck abit).

Thanks fellas!